• BA in Theatre, University of Maine
  • MEd in Literacy: Writing and the Teaching of Writing through the National Writing Project, University of Maine
  • Humanities teacher, Saco Middle School, Saco, Maine
    • Advisor, Drama Club

    • Advisor, Colorful Crew (GSA)

    • Antiracist and Cultural Proficiency Committee Member

  • Drama teacher, Middle School of the Kennebunks, Kennebunk, Maine

  • Teacher Leader, National Writing Project

  • Fellow, Leadership & Design

  • Acting, directing, playwriting, and participating in all things theater throughout Southern Maine
  • Hiking with my family and finding new trails to explore
  • Reading and talking about books

I’m currently in my 19th year teaching English and drama at the middle school level. As someone who always struggled in school, it is somewhat unexpected that I ended up with a career in education! But I’ve always felt that my own difficulties become opportunities when I use them to help students who are struggling to achieve their goals. My favorite moments are when I can help a student unlock their imagination and create magic, whether through their writing, on the stage, or wherever their heart takes them.

I recently started to feel the pull to find a new professional opportunity, and I used the strategies of design thinking and the book Designing Your Life to determine what’s next for me. I discovered that the parts I love most about being a teacher – especially working one-on-one with students – can all be found in coaching.

With the mentorship of my sister Hannah, I enrolled in JST’s Empowering Students Through Coaching course, and I am now on my way to being certified as a coach. I’m excited to begin this new path, and I’m especially excited to partner with my clients to unlock their greatest potential.

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