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Seabright Coaching

ADHD and Executive Function Coaching for Teens and Adults


Well, I know we’ll continue incorporating coaching in my life, but I just wanted to thank you for these five sessions. It’s really been such an amazing experience for me, and it has totally shifted my life. I have no doubt I would still be as stuck as I was, five weeks ago, had we not done this.

Casey G.


As a coach, Hannah has everything you need to meet your goals. Her own experience with ADHD and Executive Functioning challenges, as well as her years of teaching experience, are gifts that help her understand her clients’ challenges and environment . . . She helped me get to the next level of my life with her ability to make me feel proud of my differences and to leverage them as strengths.

A no-brainer when it comes to choosing a coach!

Ludo P.

At Seabright Coaching, we believe…


» That our clients are creative, resourceful, and whole.

» That ADHD is a difference, not a disability, which carries both strengths and challenges. 

» That, through coaching, you can achieve your dreams. 




» Midlife ADHD or Executive Function challenges

» Twentysomethings in transition

» “Twice exceptional” students (late high school through graduate school)





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